All of our posted prices and serving sizes are approximate. Once we speak with you about your specific request, we can give you a firm quote. Click HERE to send us a request.

Cookies and Pastries are priced by the dozen. Shaped Cakes are based on the size of the cake, as well as the design and decoration. Special flavors and "out of the ordinary" requests may require additional charge.

Round CakeServingsPriceRound Tiered CakeServingsPrice
8"12$606" + 8"20$92
9"20$886" + 9"28$120
10"28$1206" + 10"36$160

Square CakeServingsPriceSquare Tiered CakeServingsPrice
8"18$906" + 8"30$140
9"24$1156" + 9"36$160
10"30$1406" + 10"42$180

A 50% deposit is required when placing your order to reserve the date. No date is held until a deposit is paid. The amount of your deposit will be determined in the estimate given to you by Gonna Dessert You. The deposit is completely refundable if cancelled at least 30 days before contract date. Otherwise, Gonna Dessert You retains a $100.00 consultation fee. $35.00 check fee on any returned checks.

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